How to Choose Booth Sofa of Family

How to Choose Booth Sofa of Family

Nowadays, the booth sofa has been used not only in Western restaurants, hotels, cafes and other places, but also in many families. In terms of design style, the booth sofa pays attention to the coordination with modern design style. It replaces the traditional single dining chair in design concept. It can effectively utilize the smallest space and maximize the function of the sofa, so greatly improving the beauty and practicability of the restaurant. But many people will have such questions that how to choose booth sofa of family. Now let’s have a look together.

Size of booth sofa

There are some differences in the size of the booth sofa manufactured by the furniture factory; the deviation is about 5-10 cm. For example, the length of two seater and one-sided booth sofa is 120 cm; the depth and height are 60 cm and110 cm. The length of ordinary sofas with four seater are 120 cm, the depth and height are 120 cm and 110 cm. As for the specific size, each different manufacturer may have some deviation. At this time, you can say your requirements to the furniture manufacturers; most manufacturers will meet these simple small requirements. Specific details can ask some professional person.

Fabric of booth sofa

The main fabric of the booth sofa is flannel and leather. As we all know, although the style of flannel is various, it is easy to get dirty, and it is not easy to clean. If you pour oil carelessly, it will be very troublesome to clean. The leather fabrics can be wiped clean and easy to clean when it is dirty. However, no matter what kind of fabric you choose, it will be easy to peel if you wipe too much or if you wash too many times, it will be easy to deform. So you should consult the manufacturer clearly before buying.

Frame material of booth Sofa

The frame materials of the booth sofa can be divided into these kinds: metal, solid wood and plate type. If the whole frame of the booth sofa is made of metal, the booth sofa can be used for a ling time. But this kind of sofa is very heavy and not easy to move, and the price is generally very expensive.

Most sofas are used with solid wood frame in the market at present. Good wood frame can make the sofa have a long service life. But if there are cracks and insect-hole in many places on the wooden frame, the sofa will be damaged in half a year or a year. Generally, cheap sofas will use poor wood, so never dreamed treats cheap.

The Plywood and MDF are the two kinds of Plate type. If the price is cheaper, the sofa must be made of MDF. After all, the Plywood has wood elements. The MDF is a board made of some miscellaneous grains, so the service life of the sofa will not be very long.

A row of booth sofas replaced the original dining chairs, so that the room has a more noble and elegant atmosphere. We needn’t buy sofa if the booth is used in the dining room furniture manufacturers and living room . The whole background wall is decorated with different color, which is simple and interesting.”