How to choose a suitable outdoor table?

How to choose a suitable outdoor table?How to choose a suitable outdoor table?

Summer is coming. It’s a good time for outdoors. Then a chair and a table can make you enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Today, let’s talk about how to choose an outdoor table. A good outdoor table should be lightweight, portable and stable. Let me explain in detail how to choose a suitable outdoor table for you.

How to choose a suitable outdoor table?

Pay attention to the price

The high price does not mean that the table is the best, the most suitable for you is the best. The expensive outdoor tables are usually multi-functional, which needs to be selected according our needs. Many people like to choose large and functional table of HDPE outdoor furniture. In fact, people who often go out know that a table in the outdoor can not solve all the problems, so we should consider other furniture. But we need to know the more functions it has, the higher the price it is , the shorter the life will be.

Pay attention to the quality

The thicker metal tubes means the outdoor table is very strong. The heavy hardware will increase the weight. It is better to take a dining table about hundred RMB, which is more stable than an outdoor table, so choose an outdoor table with a good stability and loading.

Pay attention to the style

We try to choose a round table for outdoor. The outdoor table is to place food and tableware. In addition, outdoor tables try to choose round tubes. Because the table of circular pipe can save more space, for example, two centimeters square pipe, the square is four square centimeters, and circular pipe is only three point one ad four square centimeters. Moreover, it is more smooth than square pipe and it’s not easy to wear out.

How to choose a suitable outdoor table?

Pay attention to the weight

Some people want to choose heavy table in outdoor when it comes to weight of outdoor tables, but other people do not think so, because it is difficult to move a set of tables and chairs more than a few kilograms, so they will buy light one. But the too light table affect using effect.

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