How To Choose A New Chinese-style Sofa?

The sofa is an indispensable furniture for every family. The style of sofa is changeable. Different styles of sofa will give us different home feeling. The new Chinese-style sofa stands out in many sofa styles. New Chinese-style sofa highlights the traditional style and pays attention to elegant and comfortable The new Chinese-style aims at the new and makes the past serve the present.

New Chinese-style sofa combines Chinese classical elements with modern concise elements, reflecting the collision between traditional and modern life style. It is calm, noble, noble and natural. Nowadays, the new Chinese-style sofa is round in shape, smooth in line, generous in material, which makes the solid wood feel better. The design of new Chinese-style sofa with soft bag adds ergonomics principle to realize the double beauty of function and design.

Modern and concise new Chinese-style is more in line with Chinese people’s appreciation of Chinese classical culture than other styles. The new Chinese style inherits the essence of the concept of family in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and also absorbs excellent modern design concepts. It is based on tradition and modern aesthetic. Besides, It refines and enriches the classical elements, and adds new charm to the traditional home culture.

How to choose new Chinese style sofa?

First of all, a good set of new Chinese-style sofa must be fixed with nails and  the side of the sofa must be fixed with boards. We can feel the weight of the sofa with our hands. If the sofa is made up of packing boards and plywood, so the sofa is lightweight and the solid wood frame is heavy. You can also use your hands to shake the entire sofa back to feel its stability.

The second step is to look at any corner of the sofa. If there is no  Wormhole, Visible mold, Tree tumor(Burls), and the sofa is joined by mortise, so it is a good sofa.

The third step is brand. Consumers should try to choose popular famous enterprises when purchasing sofa. The famous brand has been recognized by consumers and also has good after-sales service for a long-term.