How to buy your furniture You must know about these

New year bell is ringing now! At the beginning of a year, in our minds, we will make lots of plans! For example, prepare for wedding and moving into your new house! So please have a look here! We have tailor made your furniture shopping list. May you and family all the best in Year of Pig! Choose what you like and suitable with nice design also no harmful furniture for your sweet home!

When you want to buy some furniture, it is not as easy as a piece of cake, which you will have to make a plan: taking your home decoration style or your personal preference on furniture as well as prices into consideration. Therefore, you will have to make some preparation, like making a shopping list!
First of all, to list out all furniture you want to buy with all your concerns: from materials and whether it will be harmful for your environment, or leading to pollution due to HCHO, then your furniture sizes/ structure/ colours/ maintenance/ aftersales service/ return request etc.. In this case, you will be clear to ask questions when the shopping guide comes up, but not loose mind.

Practicality is a basic principal when you make judgement whether to buy furniture or not.
Many people are attracted by outlook and low prices when they shop on furniture store floor. They did not think about practicality then buy the furniture back home, leading to the rest situation becomes more complicated. What if these furniture not suitable for your home? What is the style not fit yours? What is not good from practical view?
Firstly, we will have to put suitability and practicality as priority when we buy furniture. Some furniture were made of non-practical materials, in order to make the design looks good, but it is only good looking, while no matter when you it or lay on it, you will not feel comfortable. For this kind of furniture, you will have to think about it twice before purchasing. Secondly, we will take your family members and yourself whether get used to this kind of furniture into consideration. You must not only look for design but regardless the suitability of furniture.
When you buy your furniture, you will need to pay attention to the hardware. For example, you can check whether the hardware surface is smooth or not. Then buttons on the furniture whether can be used without any problem? Then do not trust any Import Goods blindly, which you will need to check whether the hardware will match your furniture. If they are too close to identify, you can use your hand to test for a rough weight. If the hardware is heavier then the material should be better. The hardware should match furniture in colours and design.

Nowadays, it is very normal to see furniture pulltes the air with HCHO, which one of the reasons for Leukemia and we will need to pay more attention on this point! When you choose furniture, like cabinet, you can open the door to smell it. If it is smelly then you will have to make more attention, because normally the smell can be removed after it is displayed in the open air for 15-20 days. For the furniture at shopping mall, which should be displayed for a long time then still have such smell, it will have big problem.

Key to buy real wood furniture: You will need to touch paint surface with

your hand on the top and bottom of cabinet door, the inner of big cabinet to feel whether there are sharp edges or bubbles etc. It is easy that you can check the paint by touching also feel whether it is smooth, also smell can explain lots of questions.

Techniques: scar, wood and cut-off. Please have a look at where the scar on, then you can have a look at the other side to see whether it has relevant patterns on the other side. Wood marks: you can take it as a pattern, but as this pattern changed, you can follow this pattern to find the relevant pattern on the back of door. If it matches in the similar position, Cut-off: cutter side is darker than others’ and you will find out it was made of one piece wood. Side panel and bottom panel can show furniture carefully. As we know that most of side panel and bottom panel may will be using panels not that good.

As a matter of fact, we have so many brands of furniture in the market. We can trust the public’s views: Brands with long good history are the ones we can trust. When you choose a brand, you can have a look to see which category is best seller then this product will be the main promotional item with good quality and cost-effective.