How to buy suitable Dining table & chairs? 8 Steps to follow!

Most people will choose furniture by their brands and styles also prices. But as a matter of fact, Dining table is a very important part of the whole family, which relates to health of family members, which we should pay more attention.

How to buy suitable Dining table & chairs? 8 Steps to follow!

Dining chairs Factory manufactures first should be comfortable. The height should match dining table also user’s height. Usually, the distance between chair seat and table top should be 28-30cm. Then for the convenience of user, distance between chair seat and dining table bottom should at least 17cm. Generally speaking, you can put your arm on the dining table but you don’t have to fold up shoulder, then it is suitable height.

Step 1: Prepare different dining chairs

Most families prefer to buy one dining table with 4 chairs as per set. However, it is not that scientific. You don’t need to require every chair is the same. It will be good to choose different chairs for different people, based on their heights and weights, which can contribute their best feeling when having meals. Non-proper position of having meals will lead to fat. Suitable chairs can remain the sitters and you don’t have to finish the meals in a hurry, which will be good for your health.

Happy bench

When big family gathering, it is always taking turns to serve. Ladies will get a seat randomly, which is not good for digesting. Single dining chair, one person one seat, same area, bench can sit more people, which is suitable for big family. Suitable distance for each person is about 60-70cm when having meals, but no backup will lead to hunchback. You should get closer to table with your back straight also with your bowl.

Special treatment for pregnant women

Pregnant women’s digesting system have been occupied by babies. So it will need more attention when they having meals, which we can provide the height adjustable chair. If the chair with wheels, we will need to ensure that legs can be laid flat on the floor, or pregnant women will easily fall down. If the back can be slightly bent backwards, to allow the ladies to stretch their back and tummy, it will help their digesting.

Light chair made of plastic

Not too heavy for dining chairs, because you have to sit up and down frequently. It will be better convenient to move around. For example, chairs made of plastic/ resin/ steel & wood structure will be lighter than real wood. When you stand up, the chair will be moving afterwards naturally, which will be easier for moving out and in.

If having meals on sofa

If you must have meals on sofa, better with a tray on your legs, then put another cushion on your back to support your body. Do not put the food on the lower coffee table, which is not good for your digesting. Do not lay to eat or drink, it will easily cause accident.

Bar stool Suitable for breakfast

Somebody said it is good to having meals standing up? Not sure whether it is true or not? Busy morning when you having breakfast with bar stool, it will be good to weak yourself up then put yourself into a busy mood of day. When you sit on the bar stool, proper way is to sit one leg on the floor, or choose the bar stool with footrest, just to avoid long time haning out for feet.

Keep you back straight

For catching up soap opera, sit on the stool then having a meal besides the coffee table, which you can feel full when you only take half meals, because the motion you’ve taken will press your legs and stomach, leading to fewer blood to your stomatch. You will need to come along to your dining table and have meals properly: siting down and you will have two 90 degree corner with your backbone and knees also botoom. It will be good to choose a stright dining chair, but with curve back to support your back without any pressure.

Do not choose soft dining chair

Do not choose the seat too soft, which is easily sitting inside then difficult to keep proper position when having meals. Chair height should let your feet can be laid flat on the floor. Then when eating meals, please serve food into your mouth, not sit to touch the food with your mouth. Proper position will help your breathing then not easy to get harm.