How to buy fabric furniture? Let expert teach you!


Fabric furniture has a soft feeling, which can be washable and change covers. Therefore, it is convenient for maintenance and and changeable for decoration.  Apart from full fabric furniture, designers often combine fabric with rattan or paper, in order to creat a comfortable feeling for consumers, also brings more colours for rattan and paper.

How to buy fabric furniture? Let expert teach you!

Expert tells you how to choose fabric furniture manufacturers ?

Style: Fabric furniture can be matched different styles to bring more trends with different fabric pattern. However, most fabric furniture still show comfortable as priority, which is matching the fabric feeling. American or European countryside furniture, which most make use of followers and check fabrics, in order to creat a nature and family feel to consumers, if match with wood furniture, which will be more outstanding. Spanish Classic Style is often using brocade, which is colourful and luxious as noble. Italian style is closed to its open design principle, which always use solid fabric to identify furniture itself.

How to buy fabric furniture? Let expert teach you!

Maintenance: It is easy to keep the fabric furniture clean. When you buy a new fabric furniture or before every time to change covers, please spray the detergent. Normally, you can use the vacuum to clean. If anything is dirty, prompt cleaning is must. Use tissue to clear the dust then remove the stain with detergent. For whole set furniture cleaning, please follow the fabric cleaning way. The ones need to be dried cleaned cannot be washed with water, as to avoid colour fading or shrunk.

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