How new Chinese furniture should be paired

How new Chinese furniture should be paired
  New Chinese furniture in recent years is very popular, then Zhejiang new Chinese furniture how? How should the new Chinese furniture be paired? How to buy the new Chinese tea table? The following letter to introduce the relevant content.

  What do you mean new Chinese furniture? New Chinese furniture is now also not particularly clear definition, such as the Chinese home is a better new Chinese furniture. Such as the Chinese home such a good new Chinese furniture is relatively rare. When you see and understand such as Chinese furniture will know what “new Chinese furniture” is. Overall: the new Chinese furniture is different from the traditional Chinese furniture complex ornate, pay attention to the simple lines and smooth, while the new Chinese furniture inherited in the details and interior design of exquisite and the material sly.

Now the more typical brand is like the Chinese family.
How to match Zhejiang New Chinese Furniture New Chinese Furniture

  How to buy a new Chinese tea table

  1, the right color match
  The new Chinese tea table and the main color of the home matching is also very important, for example, like a colorful fabric sofa then can be paired with a dark gray matte metal coffee table, or light wood small coffee table effect is also very good. Chinese-style mahogany furniture is generally to be paired with leather sofas.
  Metal with glass coffee table can give a sense of brightness, but also can have a space-expanding visual effect, and calm, dark wood furniture, then more suitable for use in the larger classical space.

  2, pay attention to functionality In addition to the function of beautiful decoration, this small furniture it carries tea sets, small food, etc. , so we should also pay attention to its carrying function and storage function. If you have a small space, consider choosing a coffee table with a collection function or an expandable function so that you can adapt to your needs.
For example, many coffee tables are now designed with several layers of partitions, generally the top floor of the coffee table is used to put tea sets or fruit plates, etc. , and the next few layers can consider putting books or other things.
How to match Zhejiang New Chinese Furniture New Chinese Furniture

  3, the appropriate space size The size of the coffee table selection must be based on the size of the living room space to determine, small space to enlarge the coffee table, so that you will give people a room to give a sense of noisy guests to win the lord;
  In a smaller space, consider placing oval, soft-shaped coffee tables, or thin, removable, minimalist coffee tables. If the space at home is large, then consider choosing some quiet, dark color color system of wooden coffee table.

  Be sure to match your sofa color, in the hall room next to the single chair, you can also consider selecting a higher edge, as a functional and decorative small coffee table, so that your space can become more interesting changes.

  How new Chinese furniture should be paired
  New Chinese furniture in general can mix and match or take the Chinese style, the new Chinese furniture is relatively good with a style, and no matter how the effect is good, now the new wholesale chinese furniture is very stylish and practical, then you can choose the effect you want to match. The above is to introduce to you the content of Zhejiang new Chinese furniture, the new Chinese style is currently more popular a style, with a relatively simple.