How many sofa brands do you know?

As we all know, sofa has a great effect on our life. It will feel very empty if there is no sofa in a home. There are different kinds of the sofa styles and brands at present. They will think of the famous brands of sofas when many people buy sofas. After all, you get what you pay off. Let’s look at some famous sofa brands.

The top ten brands of soft furniture (sofa) from 2018 to 2019, KUKA, ZUOYOU SOFA, Sikexin, STEEL-LAND, Ysms  and Furton are ranked on the list. They mainly deal in sofa and other soft furniture products, and are excellent brands with good reputation and sustainable development potential. Now, I will choose several brands to introduce them to you in detail.

QM Furniture

QM Furniture is a very famous furniture brand. QM Furniture is one of the leading groups in design, production and sales in China after years of development. The “simple, fashion, modern” sofa has become the representative of QM furniture style.


A good fabric sofa is characterized by strong frame and support and good environmental filling. The design of Sikexin originates from Italian design art. The sofa is simple, elegant and exquisite, and has high quality and excellent design concept. It only brings you a good and comfortable life.


ZUOYOU SOFA is founded in 1986, is one of the largest professional manufacturers of medium and high-end sofas in Asia. Besides, the company creates fashionable household products to young people. The sofa style is full of personality and pay attention to design.The company produces office sofa series, sofa bed, sofa coffee table and other supporting product series.


QUANYOU Furniture is mainly developed in a series of panel suite furniture manufactures, such as sofas, tables and chairs, mattresses, soft beds and other products. Its sofa production has been advocating green brand. The production process is very strict by quality inspection, finished product inspection, quality improvement, process technology improvement to ensure that sofa products green environmental protection.


Finally, I will introduce the high-grade sofas in Europe. CAESAR PALACE with popular style inherited the fine quality and fine carving of traditional European sofa. It sets a new standard for expensive European sofas and creates the concept of “low-key and luxury”, besides, it brings European style into ordinary home decoration life.

Now there are many sofa wholesale on the market. So the quality can be trusted when purchasing famous brand sofa.