How do you match the colors of different styles of dining room?

Because most of the domestic architectural design, dining room and living room are connected, the overall configuration of the dining room is also in harmony with the color and the living room, which is mainly considered from the perspective of space. For the layout of the living room furnitures, warm colors should be used, because from the perspective of color psychology, warm colors are good for appetite, which is why many restaurants use yellow and red. Next, let’s see the color matching principles of different styles of dining room, and how to do color matching.

The color of the restaurant varies greatly depending on personal hobbies, cultural accomplishments and personality. Young people may like the color of lively jumping while middle-aged and older people may prefer neutral and stable colors. But on the whole, the color of the dining room should be light-colored. The most suitable color is the similar color of orange and the same color, because the warm color not only gives people a warm feeling, but also improves the appetite. In addition, people feel different colors in different seasons. This can be adjusted by using tablecloths, lights. in the dining room to create a different atmosphere of dining.

Simple color matching of dining room

The color of the minimalist style dining room often depends on the size of the space and the use of the decoration materials. Dining rooms with relatively small areas often use simple white or grey tones to expand the visual space. If the dining room is large, you can use some warm colors to create a warm and sweet atmosphere, such as sweet and lively orange, yellow and so on.

Sweet color matching of dining room

The sweet dining room is generally dominated by light colors. In general, you can use bright warm colors such as red and yellow to match beige, light yellow, etc., while cool colors are blue, green, and purple to match dark blue and gray.

Gorgeous color matching of dining room

The color matching must match the spatial style. The gorgeous room color is generally thicker, but the dining room is dominated by bright and light colors. How to solve this contradiction? In fact, it is very simple, in order to make up for the low brightness, you can Try different colors in the dining room and show a bright luster in rich colors. For example, you can choose a bright tablecloth and tableware, you can take different levels of brightness and use bright parts, in addition, the walls of glass and other decorative designs can make the dining room more productive.

Personalized color matching of dining room

It is not difficult to make the restaurant a full-fledged space. First of all, on a larger area, such as the wall, the ground, etc. should use the lightest shade. And then use the darker shade of the same color for smaller areas, such as furniture, curtains. And finally the deepest The color is used in the jewelry. So a rich and unique personality restaurant is done.

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