How can we do with home color,design and material planning?

When you want to match the color of the room, you should consider all the details of the corner of the house, but not just a large wall or large furniture. You should also consider the surface color of the dining table and chairs, all the household colors, including cabinet handle, chain, and even the color of window panes, log furniture and wood flooring. Therefore, the color matching of furniture must be exquisite, not random. Now let’s get to know something about it.

  • Find out the main color system

  Before choosing the color of furniture, we should find out the main color system that constitutes the interior style of furniture. In color matching, don’t neglect the details of walls, carpets, fabrics and so on. The colors of these small places may affect each other and lead to different results. If you don’t choose a major color, you can also match it based on your first instinct or your favorite color.

  • Pay attention to background color

  If you want to use brightly colored furniture, you must pay attention to whether the style and color of the space background match the color you want and want harmony. After all, the space should be as simple as possible, and the background should be the same as the color of the ground or wall. It is better to choose light color, which is also convenient for the combination and matching with brightly colored furniture.

  • Choose the same color or uniform pattern of wood

The color of wood usually can  show us different styles, such as beech and cherry. Although they are light-colored wood, beech is yellow and cherry is red. The two colors are not compatible. If there are too many different wood colors in the room, it may look messy. So we must choose the same color ,even wood . In addition, the wood texture is also different. If the cabinet is made of walnut, it is best to use walnut as furniture and floor. If you don’t want to make the color of wood furniture at home look different, it’s also a good way to choose dyeing treatment.

  • Don’t ignore the color of metals.

  Particular attention should be paid to metal polishing decorations attached to wood, which will also have another style. If you have ready-made furniture at home, you can polish the metal of old furniture, or re-paint it, or replace all or part of the metal decoration when the damage is serious. So all furniture and metal decorations can show the same style.

  • Patterns and materials should be matched with space style

  Whether straight lines or patterns, in addition to focusing on the coordination between different patterns, the more important thing is the matching of furniture materials and the environment. Even if the furniture is made of cloth, the visual effects are different because of different materials. For example, tattoos give people a more classical feeling. Flower cloth is more rural, linen has a leisure style, and velvet has a more gorgeous style. So, before choosing the material from furniture manufactures, firstly you should look at what style of home environment you want to create.