How can furniture layout do to make space more spacious?

The furniture layout is not appropriate, the space is crowded and narrow and the style, the color match uncoordinated. It may let the family become neither fish nor fowl. Therefore, the layout and placement of furniture has become particularly important. How to arrange it if you want to make the narrow living space more spacious? Next, let’s get to know it.

1. The cushion sofa is laid in “L” shape.

How can the sofa furniture in the small living room be arranged to make the space larger or smaller? Making good use of cushion sofa or backrest sofa can broaden the vision and increase the space naturally. The most commonly used sofa decoration living room is juxtaposed. If you change your mind a little and try to arrange it in an “L” shape, a new space will appear. If you put striped aluminium tube chairs or lower bookshelves in the extra space, the living room will become larger. However, because the sofa is relatively short, if there are wall charts on the wall, the height of the frame should be kept in line with the line of sight.

In addition, the integrated living room and bedroom are good ideals for use in small spaces or suites.. When double beds are placed in an “L” shape against the inner wall and beds and sofas, other spaces can be used as living rooms. Single sofa and one or two items can be placed.

2. Four corners are allowed in the “mouth” arrangement.

Move the sofa that originally rests on the wall to the kitchen side, move the TV cabinet to the window position, and leave the corner on both sides. As the corner of the receipt items, you can choose the same receipt cabinet as the height of the sofa. Such “mouth” shape furniture can make the overall vision open. Moreover, the four corners of the living room can be fully utilized, and can be arranged in different situations. If it is matched with the low sofa, it can separate the living room and the kitchen.

The layout of furniture with “mouth” shape changes the layout of furniture, not only makes the space bigger, but also breaks the traditional home environment that brings new and refreshing to people. After changing the position of the sofa and TV set to a more novel “mouth” shape, the corner of the wall can run out of space to place items. While the sofa also has the function of separating the living room from the kitchen. However, it should be noted that the height of the objects placed on both sides of the sofa is best the same as that of the sofa, so that there will be no dull or abrupt feeling.

3. Use the windowsill to receive things and the lounge

In order to make better use of the narrow living room space, when no furniture can be placed, the locker with drawers can be placed on the window sill. It can be used as a place for tea breaks as well as for odd supplies. In addition, the space left by the window can also be made into a small lounge, as long as the size is enough for children to play. It  can also be placed in the window with wheels, can move freely, with drawers cabinets, which can rest and receive goods. Although the windowsill is small, its function is not small. Don’t neglect it.

How can furniture layout do to make space more spacious? You can also choose some furniture wholesale to design your home.