How about the sofa now?

How about the sofa now?

Nowadays, with the economic and technological development, our living standard has been improved quickly. Besides, the ideological of people have greatly improved, especially in our household furniture. We all pursue modern and fashion. Now let’s know how about the sofa now? What are the characteristics of sofa?

Now the design and style of sofa is simple, which is one of its most obvious characteristics. The sofa abandoned the complex and heavy character of the past, and used a large number of pure color, lines and other elements to create a minimalist modern sofa.


Nowadays, sofa does not use many colors, but more emphasis on color matching. Too many colors can give people a feeling of confusion. Therefore, some pure colors are often used in today’s sofa. So it will give people a fresh and unique feeling from the shape and spatial layout of wholesale furniture. Now the sofa is simple in style.

At present, the sofa is based on the principle of simplification, mostly use white and gray as the main tone. Moreover, the sofa also uses elegant, fresh color or some fashionable rules or irregular geometric patterns. Of course, the sofa of living room should be combined with the wall and ground style.

    We often use brightly colored sofa if the living room is dark. And we usually choose black, gray or dark color in the brighter room, so that the room looks more balanced.



The practicability of sofa is comparatively strong now. Generally speaking, it emphasizes functional design and stresses smooth lines. Besides, the sofa emphasizes environmental protection materials. style We need to use some decoration to show aesthetic feeling because of simple lines and few decorative elements. For example, sofas need cushions; wardrobes need hangers and clothes, dining table need tablecloths.

But in any case, the design must be spacious and clean. There is no need for tedious decoration and excessive design. The choice of sofa should emphasize function effect. From a practical point of view, we needn’t the redundant decoration, which is also the distinct feature of minimalist modernist sofa.


In terms of material quality, toughened glass and rust steel are often used as supplementary materials. This is also a common decorative technique of modern style furniture, and it is also one of the characteristics of modern simple furniture. These materials can give people a sense of avant-garde and unconstrained feeling. In addition, small size and storage function are also the characteristics of the sofa now, such as the smaller space area of the room is not necessary to buy a larger sofa. It shows the avant-garde character of modern simple furniture.