Don’t Buy Cheap Cloth Sofas

Don’t Buy Cheap Cloth Sofas

Many people like to choose cloth sofa when choosing a sofa. Now there are all kinds of cloth sofas and low-priced products. Many people can not help but buy because of low prices. But when you actually buy these cheap cloth sofas, you will find that the cheap cloth sofas actually have many defects. Don’t buy cheap sofas, especially cloth sofas. Look at the shortcomings of these cheap cloth sofas and you will know why you shouldn’t buy them.

Don't Buy Cheap Cloth Sofas

You can feel the quality of the sofa filling material is very bad of cheap fabric sofa. If you press the armrest and back of the sofa with your hand, you will obviously touch the wooden frame. The filling density and the elasticity are very bad. This kind of sofa not only can reduce the service life of sofa, but also uncomfortable to sit by oneself.

Generally speaking, the filler of cloth sofa includes sponge and fluffy cotton. Sofa cushion should be a whole piece of sponge, but some businesses-man in order to reduce costs, sometimes use broken sponge and other “black-core cotton”, and then glue bonded into blocks. It is absolutely that the formaldehyde is beyond the standard.  

     The frame structure material of fabric sofa is very important. Cheap fabric sofa will generally use artificial board to reduce costs and use adhesives to connect the board.  The adhesives will emit harmful odor endangering human safety. And these kind of slab is not durable and easy to break or deform.

    The biggest disadvantage of cloth sofa is short service life. Compared with leather sofa and solid wood sofa, the service life may be shorter. At present, the materiel of cheap cloth sofas is cotton on the market. This kind of material is easy to wear and tear in daily use.

    In addition, some fabrics that look bright and eye-catching are basically dyed by dyes.There are a lot of formaldehyde of Fabric sofas that use inferior and cheap dyes, which is very harmful to health.

We can clearly see these shortcomings of cheap cloth sofas. The sofa is a piece of furniture that accompanies us everyday. we must choose carefully when choosing.