Do you know why the price of Rosewood Dining chairs is low?

Do you know why the price of Rosewood Dining chairs is low?

Rosewood furniture has always been popular with many older generations, and the high price makes many people cannot afford it. However, we often see many manufacturers to sale as “factory direct sales”, “big sale” and other forms of sales of rosewood furniture in some street stores, exhibitions. The original price of Pearwood sofa is more than 100,000 Yuan, the price is only 50,000 Yuan at present. A set of rosewood dining chair and dining table is nearly 150,000 Yuan and the price is only 50,000 Yuan at present. This kind of price makes people unbelievable. Why is the price different so large? Do you know why the price of rosewood furniture is low? Now we take the rosewood dining chair as an example to show you the low price behind the rosewood Dining chair.

Boundary material and foreign ingredients 

The shape of wood will not vary greatly because of the same species of trees. But why the price is different from many similar rosewood dining chairs? In fact, the price of dining chairs that looks similar to may be more than ten times different as long as the raw materials are different. However, ordinary consumers are difficult to judge the quality of wood with eyes. Take the Dalbergia latifolia and Dalbergia cochinchinensis for example, the appearance of the two kinds of wood is very similar, but the price of raw materials varies greatly. The price of Dalbergia latifolia varies from 10,000 Yuan to 20,000 Yuan per ton, while the price of Dalbergia cochinchinensis varies from 60,000 Yuan to 80,000 Yuan per ton.

 Cheap rosewood dining chairs manufactures will also be spliced in places where the chairs are not visible except bait-and-switch. They often are covered with wax, paint and rubber G at the backboards and bottom edges. But the Mahogany Dining chair made of this kind of material would have paint-less and worm eaten after several years of using, and its service life will not be very long.

Machine engraving Replace manual work

The expensive rosewood dining chair is also closely related to its fine craftsmanship. The price of pure manual engraving is twice as expensive as mechanical engraving. The price of mechanical engraving can be called “low price ” and this kind of chair is lacking charm and beauty. Some furniture of low-cost mahogany furniture factories is easier to crack and break because of different reasons,

Glue Replace mortise

The reason why the price of the precious Mahogany Dining chair is high is that different materials and complex traditional crafts with wood relief, Embedding Thread, mortise chisel. For example, a mahogany copper-inlaid chair should first carve a slot the same size as the copper block, and then insert the copper into it, which not only makes the chair more comfortable to use, but also makes the chair more delicate and durable. The low-cost mahogany chair is just nailing copper to the surface. In addition, traditional mahogany furniture uses tenon and mortise technology, while low-cost furniture uses nails, which will also affect the service life of dining chairs.

It can be seen that many rosewood Dining chairs with “low price ”are actually made cheat in material and technology. In addition, some low-cost Mahogany Dining chairs can not even provide perfect after-sales service, so it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights and interests. So how to buy the real rosewood chairs?

First of all, learn more about the basic knowledge of mahogany, such as materials, technology. You can also learn some knowledge about mahogany raw materials online. Second, pay attention to furniture technology. We should inspect furniture carefully. Finally, the best way to buy mahogany furniture is to go to the regular market, famous brand enterprises and direct stores or distributors of famous brand enterprises, besides, the regular brand online flagship stores, so as to avoid being cheated.