Do you know what kind of sofas will be better?

The living room is one of the places where every family lives and stays for the longest time. The sofa in the living room plays the role of the living room furniture and is also one of the most commonly used furniture. So a good sofa can not only make you sit comfortably, but also make visitors admire it. So do you know what kind of sofa will be better ? Now let’s know about it.

The quality of sofa is very important apart from the influence of surface style on sofa. Besides, the service life is not the same because of different materials.

Solid wood sofas are durable and high-grade, which is loved by many older generations. But solid wood sofas are very expensive. And it is suitable for a large-scale house.  It will also appear very luxurious if a leather sofa is placed at home, but the leather sofa can not be washed, so daily maintenance should be done well. The fabric sofa is the first choice for small house, which is economic and easy to wash.

Solid wood sofa will not be hot in summer, leather sofa will be fashion and noble, cloth sofa will be warm in winter. Generally speaking, the sofa can’t not be too soft or too hard. But people of different ages will like to sit on sofas of different materials. The elderly prefer to sit on solid wood sofa rather than soft cloth sofa.

The service life of leather sofas and cloth sofas is within three to five years. These sofas may have some problems if they have been used for a long time. And the life span of a solid wood sofa with good quality is ten times or more than that of leather sofa and cloth sofa.

In addition, solid wood sofa maintenance is relatively simple. The leather sofa and fabric sofa are more easily dirty and difficult to maintain. Generally speaking, solid wood sofa will be more expensive than leather sofa and fabric sofa. The price may be ten thousand yuan with high quality. The fabric sofa is the most affordable, which is only two or three thousand yuan. And there are different style and color of fabric sofa.

But in the long run, solid wood is the most durable. The leather sofa is easy to broken in a few years. And the fabric material is easy to dirty. Therefore, compared to the leather sofa and fabric sofa, there is no doubt that the solid wood sofa has a long service life, perhaps can be use for a hundred years.