Do you know what a sofa is?

Do you know what a sofa is?

What is a sofa? The sofa is one of the big furniture of living room furniture manufacturers, and also the most important furniture for every family. To some extent, the sofa plays a key role in the style of the whole room, so when we choose the sofa, we can not be too casual. Now let’s popularize the sofa knowledge.

A comfortable sofa is a combination of many factors, including structure, filler, material, parts and so on, each of which is different. Each sofa has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be customized or chosen according to different people’s needs. For example, in the item of sofa structure, the backrest height has different needs. There are three kinds of sofas on the market at present: low-backrest sofa, high-backrest sofa and medium-backrest sofa.

The low backrest sofa belongs to the chair of rest. It supports the waist with a support point. This kind of sofa is good for rest because of lower backrest height and a smaller backrest angle. Moreover, this kind of sofa will look smaller. If you are a small family or the living room area is not large, then this kind of low backrest sofa is your best choice. It can make your living room much larger.

High backrest sofa has three fulcrums. These three points can make the waist, shoulder and back of the head lean on the back at the same time to relax the muscles of the body. The three fulcrums must be reasonably positioned, otherwise they will bring discomfort to customers. We can not see this structure directly. Therefore, when we buy high-backrest sofa, we can try to sit by ourselves.

Medium backrest sofa is a common kind of family sofa, which is also the most popular sofa in the market. The technology is simple and the price is cheaper. It has two supporting points to support, mainly supporting the user’s lumbar spine and thoracic spine. The angle between the back of the sofa and the seat surface is very important. It may feel fatigue if the angle is too big or too small. The width of the seat of the sofa is generally between 540 mm, which is enough to make the legs put at random and rest more comfortable.

Sofa has become very common in our daily life. It will have a very comfortable feeling if we sit or lie on the sofa in the living room or bedroom. Different sofas have their own characteristics. We should choose our favorite sofa when choosing or purchasing sofas.