Do you know the strategy of buying sofas?

Arms and backrest should be comfortableArms and backrest should be comfortable

Do you know the strategy of buying sofas?

   We may feel lazy and comfortable as long as we listen to the name of sofa. It can exist in any corner of the home, and it is also the most prominent and indispensable furniture in the home. But do you know how to choose a comfortable sofa? Today I’m going to talk with you about the strategy of selecting and purchasing high quality sofas to help you buy comfortable and high quality sofas.

High quality sofa fabrics

The fabric of sofa is mainly made of leather and fabric, and domestic cowhide is more common. There is variety of fabric sofas including linen, cotton, blended and chemical fibers. The imported high-grade fabric is mostly velvet. It is best to choose wear-resistant and breathable materials when choosing sofa fabrics. The surface of the sofa should be smooth and delicate.

Arms and backrest should be comfortable

    Arms and backrest should be comfortable

If you want to know how comfortable the sofa is, you need to press the armrest and back of the sofa with your hands. It proves that the density of the sofa padding is not high and elasticity is not good enough if you feel very hard and can touch the wooden frames, so we must choose the sofa with high density of padding. Comfortable sofa will also add silk in the sponge layer, so that the edge and back of the sofa will be more soft and fluffy.

Firm and stable frame

The frame is the foundation of the sofa, and the solid frame means a good sofa. The frame is usually enclosed in the outer package. So you can see the inner structure of the sofa by opening the zipper at the bottom of the sofa. You can also choose to lift one end of the sofa if the frame is closed. The other leg of the sofa is also off the ground when one side of the sofa is lifted nearly 10 centimeters from the ground means that the framework of the sofa is very strong.

  In addition, pay attention to the sofa bottom treatment and sofa legs. Sofa legs have different designs, such as wood, metal. You need to see if they are straight and strong whatever they are made of. After all, the sofa is uncomfortable and durable if the feet are unstable.

Appropriate size of Sofa

Appropriate size of Sofa

Normally, the seat height of the sofa should be equal to the height of the human calf or slightly lower, and the height should be between 35 and 42 centimeters. So we can relax when sitting on it. Backrest height is generally between the shoulder and ear of adults. From the overall height, a comfortable sofa height is between 68 and 72 centimeters. In addition, the angle between the cushion and the back of the sofa should also be paid attention; vertical angle is not the best, about 100 degrees to 108 degrees is the best. In this way, the body is more comfortable and the sitting posture is more natural.

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