Do you know the skills of repairing Sofas?

The sofa is a necessary piece of in every living room furniture, but we may have some problems when using the sofa. The sofa without maintenance will easily begin to aging and become ugly.The price of sofa is relatively expensive if we want to change a new set of sofa. So more and more people simply choose to repair the sofa. But we should also pay attention to these aspects when repairing sofas. So Let’s have a look whether the sofa is worth repairing.

Do you know the skills of repairing Sofas?

Leather sofa

It may looks very old after using for a long time if the sofa is genuine leather. In fact, there is no need to repair because of  some dust or stains. And it needs to be well repaired by senting it to a good sofa repair shop for veneer gluing , changing and coating treatment if some leather sofas are really peeling, depression and aging. But the cost is relatively high if you need to replace the whole leather. The cost may replace a new sofa.

Wooden sofa

We should clean up the dust in every corner of the sofa before repairing the wooden sofa. We can paint it if the surface is reluster, some scratched and bumped. First, we can use sandpaper to polish the original surface, and then re-modulate the same color paint it. In addition, high-grade mahogany sofas can easily get dark if they are used for a long time.

Fabric sofa

Fabric sofa is easy to be dirty because of dust oil stain and dirty mark. Although it can be cleaned, it will leave some imprints, which is intolerable for individual cleaners. Therefore, it is necessary to invite professional cleaners to clean. Fortunately, fabric sofa replacement is relatively simple.

In addition, if there are springs in the fabric sofa, you need to find a professional people to replace the springs. However, it is certain that the cost of these repairs is much lower than buying a new sofa.