Do you know the details of placing the sofa in the living room?

Do you know the details of placing the sofa in the living room?

The sofa in living room can be said to be the most important furniture of the family, so the sofa  placement of living room is particularly important. As we all know, the relationship between the main sofa and the wall are very important. Take the main sofa as an example, the back of the big sofa is better against the wall. Besides, what are the principles of the sofa in the living room? Do you know the details of the sofa in the living room? Now let’s know some things about the sofa in the living room.

The types of sofas are divided into two-seater sofa, three-seater sofa, four-seater sofa, L-shaped sofa, U-shaped sofa. As for material, they can be also divided into fabric sofa, leather sofa, rattan sofa and traditional solid wood sofa. In terms of color, they are more diverse. But no matter what kind of sofa is in the living room furniture wholesale, the number of sets, layout, color, materials, modeling aspects should be paid attention.

First, the main sofa in the living room should not be placed in a straight line with the door. It will be opposition if the sofa in the living room placed connected with the door. This kid of placing will lead to family and financial problem. So when you put the sofa in the living room, don’t face the door. If you can’t avoid such placement, you can put a screen between them to avoid some things , thus protecting your financial and family.

Many people hope that the living room can look more spacious, so they will hang a large mirror on the wall. although this seems to increase the living room space, geomancy is not advocated. Mirror has a reflective effect, hanging mirror behind the sofa, when you rest on the sofa, others can see you in front of the back, easy to increase the emptiness of behind. It may also lead to mental disturbance for long-term, so do not hang the mirror behind the sofa casually.

It is not recommended to match the tea table, dining cabinet, wine rack or other complicated ornaments in the large living room if your living room area is relatively small. In addition, the color, shape, material quality of tables and chairs are closely related to the family atmosphere. Take the single chair of Chinese style living room as an example, many families like to use large rosewood sofa with carving dragon and phoenix of armrest and chair back. They also match with deep cold color marble to place in a small apartment living room, which will create a sense of space uncoordinated of  living room. Moreover, it is not easy to tidy up and clean.

As far as Geomantic Omen is concerned, the sofa against the wall equals to against the mountain, so it is reasonable for the sofa in the living room to be placed against the wall. It is very bad if there are doors, windows and passages behind the sofa, and there are no walls to rely on. We should  pay attention to a backer behind the sofa Manufacturers , only in this way can the people sitting on the sofa have a comfortable feeling. It’s better to make a man-made rockery to remedy its shortcomings. Screens, antique shelf, tall green plants are all good choices.