Do you know the decorative design features of modern kitchens?

People regard food as their prime want. So the kitchen plays a very important role in family life. With the gradual improvement of living standards, the kitchens with smoked fire and full house oil stains have become history, and people are eager to clean, practical and beautiful. Although the kitchen has a small space, the small kitchen can have a warm feeling. As long as it is carefully arranged and carefully arranged, the spoon and spoon can also create an absolutely comfortable space. Let’s take a look at how the decoration of the modern kitchen is designed.

The kitchen is no longer a four-sided white wall, and several wooden cabinets are in the world. In the kitchen’s late accessories, the addition of some jumping color embellishment allows people to enjoy the colorful life of cooking and dining. Each kind of tableware is a beautiful view of the kitchen. The characteristics of modern tableware are more and finer. The various bowls, plates, plates and cups have different forms. Each type of tableware has its own characteristics. It is absolutely the most practical decorative embellishment if it can be reasonably matched.

In addition, the seasoning bottles and storage tanks in the kitchen are mostly glass products. The seasoning bottles of glass products are not only beautiful in appearance, but also hygienic, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean. They are cooked and cleaned as long as they are boiled in water. It has been welcomed by many families. At present, the glass porcelain products on the market are very rich, with different shapes and colorful colors. They can be used to produce a beautifully-made art piece, which is placed in the kitchen with oil and salt sauce and vinegar. It has unique decoration and beautification effect.

However, when there are too many bottles and cans in the kitchen, pots and bowls, especially large open kitchens, such kitchen supplies are more numerous. At this time, instead of setting up a full cabinet to store these carefully selected small objects, it is better to use some open shelves and shelves to display them generously, making them the most unique decoration in space.

Reasonable lighting arrangements are also important. Kitchen lighting is generally divided into two levels. One is lighting the entire kitchen, and the other is lighting for washing, preparation, and operation. The overall lighting is most suitable for a simple ceiling lamp or an in-line lamp. The local lighting is generally arranged in the lower part of the cabinet to set up a convenient switch device. In addition, the current range hoods usually also have their own lights, which is enough for cooking, there is no need to arrange them.

Green plants are also indispensable. Green plants can eliminate fatigue and pleasure. There are also some plants that can effectively absorb kitchen fumes. Although it is only a green, it is indispensable for the creation of the kitchen environment and the comfort of the owners. In fact, fresh fruits and vegetables are the best decoration for the kitchen, especially the open kitchen with a bar. Put the fruit plate that was always in the living room and move it to the kitchen. It is red and gree, which is very beautiful.

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