Do you know the corner sofa?

Do you know the corner sofa?

Many people have always thought that corner sofa is only the standard of small family. With the development of the society, the types of corner sofa are more and more diverse, such as flax, fluff, leather and other materials of corner sofa. And a variety of sofa shapes can also meet the needs of different families. You can put a corner sofa perfectly whether your home is a narrow living room or a spacious living room. In addition, corner sofa is one of the best selling furniture in sofa furniture, and it is also a very popular type of sofa in the market. But many consumers still don’t know what a corner sofa is. Now, let’s briefly introduce the knowledge of corner sofa.

Corner sofa refers to the sofa that is suitable for the corner position of the living room wall. The sofa can be placed like the “L” shape along the corner. This also shows that corner sofa can make full use of corner space, and this kind of sofa is generally wide, besides, it is very comfortable to lie down, so it is also popular in the market. Most corner sofas on the market are in combination form. The common ones are three-seat, four-seat, and chaise lounge and so on. The combination of corner sofa is very flexible; the biggest advantage is that it can be adjusted according to the size of the living room and corner size. However, there are also some corner sofas on the market that can not be adjusted at will. You must consult whether the corner sofa you want to buy is movable when selecting.

     Corner sofa not only can make full use of the living room space, but also has mobility and variability. It can be modified appropriately according to the need to make the living room space more flexible and unique. Generally speaking, the corner sofa is in the form of single seat and multi-person sofa and chaise lounge, and then placed in the shape of “L” along the corner of the wall. Of course, the spacious living room also has the form of U-shaped. The flexibility of corner sofa also makes it more able to meet the needs and preferences of different people.

The most common corner sofa is three-seater corner sofa, the length of the three-seater corner sofa is generally between 3 meters and 3.8 meters, and the width is about one meter. The specific size depends on the actual situation. In addition, the corner of the corner sofa and the position of your chaise lounge can be changed at will, so you have to measure the size of your living room, and confirm how to put it before you buy it.

We should consult the buyer according to the actual situation of your house to customize the right size corner sofa when buying it.

There are some common points in sofa maintenance whether what types, material, style or function of sofa. For example, we should place against the wall avoid direct sunlight. In addition, there are also some different maintenance techniques according to the different fabrics of the corner sofa, such as fabric corner sofa should use sofa cushion or sofa cover and pay attention to dust. The leather sofa needs to use special maintenance agent for maintenance and solid wood sofa need to pay attention to collision.