Do You Know The Chaise Longue Of Sofa

Do You Know The Chaise Longue Of Sofa

 Some people often ask what is a Chaise Longue of sofa? We may be confused with it, in fact, the sofa Chaise Longue in the daily sofa combination is very common. Now let’s get to know what the Chaise Longue of sofa is. Is there anything particular about it?

   In fact, the Chaise Longue sofa is a little shorter than the bed to rest and sit. It is generally placed at right angles to the sofa. It usually takes the form of a combination of 3 + 1 or 4 + 1. This kind of sofa has three seats and one bed, which resembles the old imperial concubine’s bed, so it is also called the sofa Chaise Longue chair or bed.

Most Chaise Longue of sofa has handrails on one side, and the function of handrails can also be the same as pillows. It has a beautiful and exquisite curve, the sofa back bends, the back and the armrest are integrated. You can sit with a cushion, or put your feet on the recline. In short, it can perfectly integrate with the human body lines.

The Chaise Longue of sofa brings a lively atmosphere to the bedroom with its elegant shape, gorgeous colors, harmonious colors, colorful and changeable patterns, and soft and comfortable texture. This kind of sofa is very comfortable in the living room. When people watch TV or read, they can’t help lying down for a long time. The Chaise Longue of sofa  can provide a very comfortable space for them to lie down.

    The Chaise Longue of sofa usually choose super-wide size and soft silky material when choosing seat cushion design. Besides, a various kinds of pillows can be as backrest to change the depth of the seat. The Chaise Longue of sofa can be said to very comfortable and classical combination can also be placed in anywhere.

    We need to know the size of the Chaise Longue of sofa when choosing a sofa. The right size of the sofa can make your living room more beautiful, and it is vice versa . Usually, if the size of the Chaise Longue is more than 1500mm, it will look more beautiful. There are some common sofa sizes on the market, such as 1760 * 940 * 880, 2000 * 870 * 830. Of course, we need to confirm the specific size according to the actual area of home ultimately.

     The direction of Chaise Longue mainly depends on the pattern of the family. But the Chaise Longue of sofa is usually used to lie down, so its placement should consider the intensity of light It is recommended not to be exposed to sunlight for a long time, which will make the color of the sofa easy to retreat and damage.

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