Do you know about home design ideas?

Do you know about home design ideas?Do you know about home design ideas?

With the development of the times, our homes are gradually becoming more interesting in lifestyle and artistic in living environment. For example, some people like to live alone, so simple and free is a concept of home life. After a clear idea, everything in the home, such as partition layout, wall, ceiling, and floor decoration, furnishings and furnishings, etc., serves this purpose.

A person’s life also needs a hall. People who like to live alone need to enrich their lives. The hall must be divided into multiple functional areas. People who enjoy large units naturally have a lot of friends. Friends have more parties and activities, which may be often open. Party parties, so it’s not surprising that the living room furniture is larger than the average family’s hall. You can also hang light paintings that imitate nature on the entire wall at the entrance end of the hall, so that when people enter the room, their eyes are suddenly bright and the atmosphere of the home is activated.

The use of a virtual space between the lobby and the dining room and the large opening between the dining room and the balcony (with glass doors) have many benefits. Increasing the lighting and ventilation of the lobby, so that the line of sight can see the remote balcony through the dining room, making up for the lack of sunlight in the hall. Moreover, the three spaces of the lobby, dining room, and balcony can be separated, which not only allows the air in each room to circulate with each other, but also expands the vision and sense of space, and gives the space a sense of hierarchy.

Set up a recreation and fitness room, which is convenient for one person to use fitness equipment for fitness, and can also play billiards, table tennis and other recreational activities with friends. This activity room has an external balcony (fine barbed wire can be added outside the balcony, some people call it invisible anti-theft net), but there is no separation, and the space is inside and outside. The sun is plentiful and the exterior is introduced to bring people as close to nature as possible.

Greening in the large balcony allows residents to live in flowers and enjoy the quiet and still life. If you are a small family. When a small bedroom is worried about not being able to place a bed, a balcony is attached, which is a burden; but when the area is large, the wide bedroom with balcony will make life more comfortable.

No matter how small a home is, there should be some spiritual design in addition to the functional design, so as to give people a sense of belonging. For small-sized families, the bedroom combined with the study can become your heart for work and reading. The combination of the two not only saves space but also satisfies the function to the greatest extent. In addition, adding an extra door between the bedroom and the study can make the study more secure and quiet.