Difficult to identify real leather sofa All tips here

Leather sofa is famous with its comfort among all kinds of sofas, whose feature have good air circulation/ soft comfortable/ leather resilient rate is high. When buying the leather sofa, most consumers are worried that they will buy the fake leather sofa or second-hand products, while the sellers have different means of selling these sofas. Some consumers will have to “fight” with stores when they want the leather sofa. Therefore, it is most important that we will need to train our eye better to find out the real leather, then they won’t be able to trick us any more.

In order to train your eyes, you will need to learn the structure and feature of sofa. One piece of sofa is made up of 4 parts: main frame, seat structure (usually with springs/bend ties and wood panel), leather and fabric and fillings. When you want to buy leather sofa, you will pay attention to all of these points.

1、Check the sofa craft and materials except for leather

The most expensive part of leather sofa will be the leather outside. But we can still judge the sofa by the other ports craft to make final decision whether it worths buy or not. If the other material is rough and bad, then we can doubt the leather. When we identify whether the sofa is made of leather, we can double check all the other materials first.
When you sit on the sofa, please feel whether the main frame is stable or not, whether you can hear echos. Pick up the corner of sofa at one time, to see whether the frame twisted; push harder with your hands on the armrest and back & seat to check the resistant rate, if it becomes the same, it will be leather; smell it to see whether it has strange smell, like plastic or HCHO etc.. If there is any welding on the hardware parts, please check the connection is flat or having gaps.
If any one of the above got problems, then this sofa is not far from a fake sofa product.

2、Identify of Leather

The most important part of leather sofa will certainly be leather part. There are 4 kinds of leather that will be used to make leather sofa: Sheep leather, cow leather, donkey leather and pig leather, among which widest used is cow leather. Then based on the same size, these 4 leathers costs showing from high to low as: Donkey>Sheep leather>Cow leather>Pig leather. As the cost of Donkey leather is too high in recent year, it is now stepping out of sofa leathers.
Leather is classified as full-grain leather and split leather. Full grain leather has been worked based on top leather; split leather is second layer of the original leather, which structure is a bit looser than top leather, so price is cheaper than top leather.
Leather sofa normally is divided into two kinds: full leather and semi-leather. Full leather sofa, which means apart from the bottom cover, all the other parts will be leather wrapped. Semi-leather refers to the parts where stay contact with skin, for example, seat cushion, back cushion and armrest use leather then the other places use PU. When you are going to buy leather sofa, you will need to double check with the store, whether the sofa is full leather or semi-leather, which you can check by yourself as well.
Some bad supplier will use worse quality materials to make fake leather sofa: Like Cloth-free synthetic leather or Superfine Fiber Synthetic Leather, which prices will also be much cheaper. Now we can check from 4 sides to see whether it is real leather.
Smell when you get close to the sofa. If it is manmade leather, it will have irritating smell like plastic, while leather will be good smell. Some manmade leather smells too strong, which just like plastic and some like glue, which is far away from real leather. Real leather will have some leather flavor, or even close to no smell.
If the store allows, you can test with burning: If it gives out a sharp smell, then burned as knots is manmade leather. If it smells like the hair, not hard knots is leather.

The manmade leather can be produced as close to real leather as possible, but still have more difference in details, like the pores. Leather is because they are animal skins, there are irregular pores rather than standard.
Cow leather has small pores, round, evenly lay on skin; while pig leather has round and big pores, 3 as a team as triangle shape. All teams are away from each team also not flat on leather.
Full grain leather you can see close but irregular marks, while manmade leather will be with regular pattern, which you can easily discover if you pay attention to have a look. If you can see the cut-off of leather, that will be really helpful, For example, cut-off of cow leather is round and smooth, while it will look rough and not even when you touch the cut-off or manmade leather.
When you touch the leather, you feel soft and slippery then normally is real leather. Manmade leather is not alive. Leather itself has great stress, when you press then wrinkles around will heading to finger point with irregular marks on leather. However, manmade leather marks are very rigid. When you raise your hand, the wrinkles on leather will disappear immediately, but not for manmade leather.
You can drop one water on top of leather then wipe it out. Feel with your fingers. If you feel the moisture on sofa, it is real leather. If not then it is certainly manmade.
It is easiest way to check the leather by looking at pores and feeling with your hands. When you buy leather sofa, please remember that you will to have a look closely to your sofa and check it from up to bottom. Especially when you want to buy full leather sofa, please be careful don’t mix with semi-leather sofa.
Take the above into consideration when you buy your sofa!