Different Kinds of Sofas

Different Kinds of Sofas

We all know that the sofa is very important for a family. We often watch TV, sleep and rest on the sofa. The fabric and leather sofas are very common in our daily life. But sofas with different fabrics will have great differences. Today I’ll introduce difference between fabric sofa and leather sofa.


We all know that cloth sofa is very beautiful, but after using a period of time, we will find that fabric sofa is very easy to get dirty. It is inevitable that the sofa will be stained with oil and dust. But the fabric sofa is not easy to clean, and it is impossible to remove all the fabric sofa wash, the only way is to use the sofa cushion to protect the fabric sofa. However, leather sofa is very convenient to clean; we just need to wipe oil and dust gently with a rag.


Although fabric sofas are easy to dirty and difficult to clean, many people like to buy fabric sofas home because the quality of fabric sofas is much better than that of leather sofas. The leather sofa is easy to clean and scratch, so sometimes, our knives, keys and even nails are very likely to scratch the skin of the leather sofa. Especially for the children who are naughty at home.


Many of us buy fabric sofas because they are cheaper and have different styles. Besides, we can find fabric sofas that are similar to the decoration style of our home. The price of leather sofas is more expensive than fabric sofas. A set of high quality fabric sofa about 4000-5000 Yuan, but a set of good leather sofa may be as high as 7000 Yuan. Of course, the final choice depends on our personal preferences.


We all know that the leather sofa in the home can not only show very high-grade, but also can improve the atmosphere of the home. Generally speaking, some middle-aged people who prefer retro style and luxury home decoration will choose leather sofa. For the younger generation, they prefer simple and fashionable fabric sofa, because it looks unique, beautiful and comfortable.

After reading this article, I believe you all know the difference between fabric sofa and leather sofa. Fabric sofa and leather sofa have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one do you like best, fabric cloth sofa or leather sofa?