Different kinds of chairs

Different kinds of chairsDifferent kinds of chairs

Different kinds of chairs

Chair is a basic object whether in form or in function. but the nature and function of chair are so closely related to human beings. The names of each component of chair correspond to the names of human trunk, such as armrests and chair legs. Do you know how many different types of chairs there are? Next, I’ll show you different kinds of chairs.

Massage chair

Massage chair is the effect of mechanical rolling force and mechanical extrusion, simulating manual massage to massage for all parts of the human body. The massage chair can have deeper massage method according to the curve of the human body, such as finger pressing, pinching, kneading and other massage techniques. It’s like someone is relaxing your back and shoulders when you sit in a massage chair and enjoy relaxation.

Arm chair

Through the continuous development of the chair, the most obvious feature of the armchair is that the circle back is connected with the armrest, and changes regularly from high to low. When people lean against the back of the chair, they can be surrounded in all directions. Every part of body has support, and they can feel very comfortable experience.

The armchair is round and beautiful in shape, and it is also one of the unique chair styles in China. Later, it gradually developed into a round chair for indoor use. It differs from other ordinary chairs in that it does not need to cross legs, but uses wood as the legs of the chair. Only the upper part of the chair still retains the shape of the chair. In addition, most of these chairs are placed in pairs, rarely separated or put independently. Because the chair has an arc shape, it is more compatible with circular furniture. Most of the chairs are simple ornaments in the middle of the back. The back of the chair is usually made into “S”, which is based on the curve of the human spine. It is not only beautiful but also very scientific.

Rattan chair

The rattan chair is made of bamboo and the chair is made of rattan packing frame. Accordingly, there are many types of rattan chairs, such as rattan chairs, rattan armchairs and so on. The main characteristic of rattan chair is that it is breathable and flexible.

Swivel chair

The swivel chair can be said to be one of the most common office chairs. The upper part of swivel chair is not much different from the ordinary chair, but there is a rotating shaft called “one leg” under the seat. People can rotate freely from side to side when sitting on it. Swivel chair appeared not very early, it is a kind of chair designed from foreign style.


The recliner is one of the furniture with new shape and function which appeared in Qing Dynasty. At that time, with the continuous improvement of craftsmanship and skills at the end of Chinese society, people paid more and more attention to the improvement of quality of life, the classification of living appliances became more and more fine, and some new kinds of furniture, such as recliner. Modern recliners are very popular because they are not only comfortable but also can be used directly as beds. These recliners are generally made of solid wood, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy.

Each kind of chair has a strong practicability. It will appear in different environments. The main function of chair is to let people have a rest, so we should pay attention to function and comfort of a chair.