Comparison of sofa massage chair and sofa massage cushion

Comparison of sofa massage chair and sofa massage cushion

     I believe many people like to relax their tired body and mind by massage. Massage products are also the preferred choice for many people except inviting professionals to serve themselves. At present, there are many kinds of massage products on the market, such as back, foot and other different parts of the human body. For whole body massage, the most popular is massage chair or massage cushion. However, how should we choose, a massage chair or sofa massage cushion? Let’s know the difference between a sofa massage chair wholesale and a sofa massage cushion.

     Compared with massage cushion, massage chair may be more familiar. It will occupy too much space and be very expensive if you buy a massage chair at home. The structure of massage cushion is simpler, although the working-principles of massage cushion and massage chair are the same. But after all, the structure of massage chair is much more precise than the massage cushion; besides, the ergonomic design is more precise. It is also massaged by the mechanical rolling force and squeezing force. But the massage chairs are called as large household electrical appliance appliances and massage cushion can only be called small household electrical appliance.

Try a good sofa massage cushion is the best choice for you if you want to enjoy massage every day and do not want to go to the massage shop every day. Compared with massage chairs, the price of sofa massage cushion is very cheap, so it is a perfect replacement of expensive massage chairs. Of course, differences in mechanical composition, leather and brand will have an impact on price. We need to do our best without blindly pursuing high-priced massage appliances.

We can’t take easily because the complex mechanical structure and huge size of massage chair, while the massage cushion can be packed and taken away easily. Besides, massage chair will occupy much larger the space than that occupied by massage cushion. So massage chair always needs to make a special space What about sofa massage cushion?

The design of Sofa massage cushion is much humanized, just like a Yoga cushion, which can fold, sit, lie, and lie comfortably in any position. The volume and weight of the massage cushion only one fifth or less of massage chair, and it can be used even in bed or on the sofa without occupying any other position at all. It takes about fifteen minutes to message a whole body at any time, such as watching TV, after bathing, playing the mobile phone, reading, or before going to bed at night, as long as lying on the massage cushion, open the massage mode. Many friends will choose to use it at home, put it in the car, or take it out as a portable massage equipment to use because of its compactness, portability.

In short, a massage chair will be your best choice if you pursue a better massage experience and have more space and budget. A massage cushion may be more suitable for you if you prefer portability and not to occupy too much of the limited space at home.