Common layouts of kitchen

The kitchen area has been limited, but the three functional areas of “washing, cutting, and frying” must be available, and the scope of activities should be sufficient. This will take full advantage of all the space in the kitchen layout. In fact, the kitchen is the same size, but there are all kinds of unreasonable layouts, and even making happy cooking time become boring. So how do you plan the layout of the kitchen to make it more useful and convenient? Let’s take a look at the layouts of common kitchen.

When talking about the layout of kitchen, the most important thing is cooking habits. Take out the ingredients from the refrigerator, go to the sink to clean, then cut vegetables, stir-fry, and finally serve the dishes. This series of processes should be smooth and efficient, the kitchen line is more reasonable, a perfectly planned kitchen, washed and fried cooking. The moving line preferably forms a triangular relationship. Even if many people cook, there will be no collision and the operation will be more flexible. In reality, we may encounter a variety of kitchen units, and the more common layout has a font, L-shaped, U-shaped and round-the-island type.

Common layouts of kitchen

1.The layout of One-shaped kitchen : Place all work areas on one wall. Usually in a small space, this layout makes all the work done in a straight line. The three functional areas of storage, preparation and cooking are lined up along the wall. It is also convenient to take ingredients and kitchen utensils. The One-shaped is small. The environment is one of the most space-saving forms. But if the workbench is too long, it will reduce efficiency. The recommended length is controlled within 2 meters.

2.The layout of L-shaped kitchen : L-shaped design is one of the most common kitchen designs in the kitchen. It is generally centered on the corner, and the functional area is expanded into an L shape. The three work centers of cleaning, batching and cooking are arranged in an “L” shape. However, the length of both sides of the L-shape should also be appropriate to avoid too long a side and too short a side, resulting in reduced work efficiency.

3.The layout of U-shaped kitchen : in the same counter size, U-shaped kitchen saves nearly 30% of the space compared to the L-shaped kitchen. It can be configured with more storage space, while strengthening the use of cabinets, but also improve the efficiency of cooking. The “U” type work area has two corners, which are roughly the same as the L-shape, but require more space. For example, the distance between U-shaped kitchen layouts should be at least 1.2-1.5 meters.

Common layouts of kitchen

4.The layout of round-the-island type kitchen : a new layout method formed by the continuous development of three basic forms: font, L-shaped and U-shaped. If the kitchen is large enough, the work area can be designed as an island-style layout where cleaning, dosing, cooking, etc. can be easily done, and a round cabinet can be placed around to store daily necessities. In short, it can basically be changed according to personal preferences.

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