Cannot Afford such Designs: Be careful when you buy these furniture

Innovation of furniture design is based in life then use in life, however, some unbelievable inspration brings consumers not convenience, but pain that they cannot affort from bad designs.

So we will pay more attention when we tend to buy below furniture.

Broken Chair

Broken Chair: Designer may want to bring some history into twisted tree feel. But from practical point of view, this chair can afford 3 seat at the beginning then “twist” to loose one seat. What’s worse, if only one person can sit on this chair, are yout not afraid to loose balance to fall?

"Cannot see through" Commuication chair

“Cannot see through” Commuication chair: Good to design this kind of chair to hide the communicator’s head, which aims to avoid interruption from outside also protect the privacy for the speakers at some degree. However, such kind of chair we do not suggest to put in our home. On one hand, the cube is big to take up more area; on the other hand, when it hides the head it stops the eyesight as well, which we are not able to look for anything when sitting in.

Hollow Single Unit Book Shelf

Hollow Single Unit Book Shelf: As a matter of fact, this is not a real book shelf, which should be named as book frame to suit it more. If you really want to store a few books, it is better to buy an extended shelf that can be more pratical and space saving. Besides, if so many hollow holes, small and thin books will be falling down.

Non-use Bed

Non-use Bed: Acturally it will be not fair when this bed has been included into the “Dare not buy” furniture. This design is in the hope to add more space for family storage. So the bed has been designed as “drawers”. However, designer forgot to think about the room space when made this design, so such design is aim to help a small house to increase room but then only big house can use, while it is not necessary for a big house to buy such bed.