All kinds of tables and their prices

All kinds of tables and their prices

With the continuous improvement of people’s life, the choice of furniture has become more and more important. The types of furniture on the market are constantly updating. Of course, the materials of making furniture are also constantly updating. The dining table manufactures is a kind of furniture that every family should prepare. Therefore, choosing a favorite dining table has a great effect on dining. Do you know different kinds of dining tables and their price on the market? Now let’s know all kinds of tables and prices together.

Solid wood dining table

Nowadays solid wooden tables are becoming more and more popular in the market. But solid wood table also has many kinds of materials, such as Mahogany, Fraxinus mandschurica, birch, elm, oak and so on, and according to the different craft, the price is also different.

    It can be said that the real price of solid wood furniture is not low, which mainly depends on what kind of wood. It must be fake if you want to spend hundreds Yuan to buy a solid wood table. The average price of a solid wooden table ranges from 3000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan. The Fraxinus mandshurica is a better material, usually used to make tables. The tables with high quality and clear lines are very solid and durable. However, the price of Fraxinus mandshurica table is a bit higher than that of ordinary table, about 5000-7000 Yuan. Generally speaking, the price of solid wood tables is related to the quality of material. Some solid wood tables with good quality and good workmanship even need more than ten thousand Yuan.

Marble table

Many people think that the different price of marble tables is only due to the brand, but except the brand, the key is to look at the material of marble. Today, marble tables on the market are mainly divided into natural marble tables and artificial marble tables. Different materials are still very different in the quality.

 There are many advantages of artificial marble tables, such as many colors and styles, and more importantly, most of their styles are very modern and fashionable, which are popular with young people. And compared with the price of natural marble tables, artificial marble tables are much cheaper. The price of artificial marble tables is around 2000 Yuan, and some famous brands of high-quality artificial tables only need about 5000 Yuan.

The greatest advantage of natural marble table is that the texture is very natural and beautiful. The gloss is excellent, the density is high and the texture is hard after grinding. The wear resistance and corrosion resistance are higher than that of the artificial marble table. Therefore, the price of natural marble tables will be higher than that of artificial marble tables. Some famous brands of natural marble tables will cost at least 10,000 Yuan, and the cheaper ones will cost about 4,000 Yuan.

Tempered glass table

The scientific name of tempered glass is FRP, commonly known as FRP. Today most glass tables use this safer synthetic glass. Compared with traditional wooden tables, tempered glass tables are more avant-garde and practical.

The surface of tempered glass tables is smooth. The tempered glass tables have waterproof, anti-corrosive and non-oil features. Besides, The tempered glass tables needn’t have maintenance costs, we can use it for a long-term without odor and can choose different styles. Moreover, the price is also very economical and affordable. Cheap glass tables cost about hundreds Yuan and better glass tables cost about thousands Yuan.

In addition, some glass tables with poor quality may be in danger of bursting when the tabletop is too hot, so we must recognize the products with guaranteed quality when selecting them. The corners of the glass table are sharp. If there are children at home, it is better to buy some corner protective covers to prevent the children from bumping.