Accessment: Colourful Young Fabric Sofa from A Home, first choice for 80s & 90s

Accessment: Colourful Young Fabric Sofa from A Home, first choice for 80s & 90sAccessment: Colourful Young Fabric Sofa from A Home, first choice for 80s & 90s

Life needs some motion like the instant noodles need sachet: just a little bit seasoning will be joy for ever. To creat a colourful decoration at home just like adding different tastes to life, like oil/ sal/ sauce/ vinegar etc., which is responsible by sofa in the living room! Sofas made of different materials/ shape or colour can creat different views of living room, approving different personality of consumers as well. Nowadays, we would like to carry out accessment of A Home Fabric Sofa and let’s have a look!

Brand: A Home Furniture

Product: A7008 Colour Young Fabric Sofa

Materials: Wraps (high density), foam, toy fills, pine wood frame

Accessment Time: Setp., 2018

About A Home: A Home Decoratioin is one brand under Yangcheng Wood (Furniture) Group, which is set up in Meizhou (Guangdong) in 1988. This company is combinning design/ manufactorering/ marketing as a whole unit, whose main products ranges covering real wood and panel wood furniture at the beginning. Then started to introduce 5 ranges of sofa into the market from Sept.2nd., 2015. Factory is located in the 1st. county for Asia Furniture Export: Dalingshan (Dongguan). Products had been sold to Europe/ US and South East Asia, covering more than 60 districts and countries oversea. In 2009, A Home has started domestic market and got a good name, who has set up more than 2,300 brand store and 10 production centers from China or abroad with 8,600 employees.

A7008 Colour Young Fabric Sofa

A Home has insisted their development idea on comfy and healthy, providing different ranges of blackwood,simple/ image, maple fashion to consumers during 27 years.It is one of top 10 fashion furniture brands, one of top 100 of furniture suppliers in China, 1st. choice of green enviormental brand, also Most Popular Brands among Chinese consumers. Along with the deeper marketing of A Home’s domestic progress, A Home has become a leading brand of comtemporary Chinese Furniture manufacturers , which attracts high attentions from both insiders and consumers.

About this producct: From the outlook, this biggest feature of this sofa is designer has adopted lots of colours into one sofa, which adds youth and vigure comparing to traditional sofa, which will suit for consumers who born in 1980s & 1990s. However, this set sofa is colourful but not loosing its feature, mainly because the designer has taken the fabric as sole material for this set. Although the style is simple but not flashy at all. Then traditional embridory cushions had played the important role of adding lights onto this set, which has added a national feel to modern fabric sofa.

Details Accessment

This sofa’s speciality is because it is made up of several units, which can be mixed and matched by consumers themselves also according to the room space. It is very interestiong that only by making different combination, which reaches up to 780 sets.

Soft and comfortable fabric and high density foam with better strengh that you canno feel the inner frame when touch with your hands and sit comfortably. Normally the spring for sofa is 2mm, while this sofa takes use of 2.5mm bigger spring for adding more support also extenging the lifetime of this sofa.

Comparing with standard sofr, the leg area is bigger by replacing the round legs with square legs, contributing to its design and praticality. Meanwhile, the touching area has been increased between sofa and land, which adding more protection to the floor as well.


Although it is 1st. time for A Home to introduce soft furniture product, the whole design team has brought their high standard design as for their real wood furniture. Modern and open design meets the young generation. With colourful to decorate the room and different combination of units to adjust life surroundings, life fun has been completly shown on this sofa. No matter for whole style or details, this sofa has reached up standard as high end furniture. Also, A Home is famous for its reasonable price, which is afforable for young people who just come out to work.