5 principles for buying furniture

It is not easy for fresh hands to buy furniture, especially for big items. It will not only waste money but also your energy! However, so many tips for purchasing then it is difficult for mommies to remember, not even mention about me. Of course, there are lots of friends who have the same concern. I’ve collected 5 gold principle for furniture purchasing, which will be certainly helpful for purchasing!

5 principles for buying furniture

Relation with enviroment: It is a big issue for enviorment of furniture. Poor quality furniture will give up some harmful chemicals continuously, which is very important to find out the truth when you buy furniture. Only meet the basic demand of enviroment friendly, you can start to take other into consideration.

Relation with space: Before you go purchasing furniture, you need to measure your rooms to get details sizes also colour and style, which will help you to find out the suitable furniture when you buy furniture, not waddling without any purpose.

5 principles for buying furniture

Relation to position: where you are going to put these furniture and whether special surroundings around furniture, like beside window where will have strong sunshine, or next to firepit/ heater? Maybe on patio or garden? All these special locations will have specific requirement for materials, so we will need to take records of your concern then target the relevant furniture.thout any purpose.

Relation with current sofa decoration: When you buy furniture as hard decoration, if you already bought the soft decoration, like curtains/ carpets, you will need to take those into consideration like colour/ pattern. Especially if you choose the furniture using fabric as furface part, you will need to match the colours.thout any purpose.

Relation with body structure and storage: For furniture, there are 6 main function: seat/ lay to/ lay on/ storage/ support/ hang. Basically just two points: serve for body and store items easily. Therefore we will need to take furniture design to be more scitific: different age will have different request on furniture, which we need to take all into account. Besides, furniture will need to provide enough storage space apart from nice looking and suitable when sitting.

Having read these 5 gold principle for furniture purchasing, are you still afraid? I hope not!