4 Key Points for Tailor-made furniture

1. Style furniture tailor-made: Choose professional brand as possible

Tailor-made ranges: Chinese/ American/ Southeast Asian Styles

Foreign Style furniture, if selling in the shopping mall, the prices won’t be cheap. So all kinds of tailor-made furniture can help you a bit. If you can take non-practical off consideration, most basic style furniture can be adopted. However, as the style is too outstanding, for example, like the mistakes on structures/ elements/ colour or mix & match, it will bring award feeling to consumers. It will not only loose the original target, but also leading to failure of whole design. Therefore, if you want to have your furniture tailor-made, you’d better choose the ones more professional. What’s more, please read more relevant information to avoid be cheated.

4 Key Points for Tailor-made furniture

2. Big Clothes Wadrobe: Based on your need and forget about forms

Tailor-made ranges: uniform or step in clothes wadrobe

Tailor-made clothes wadrobe is not a fresh news, but as the shapes of rooms differs more than before, with more complicated structures, some small brands starts to hurt. It is not that difficult to tailor made a big step in clothese wadrobe. The most difficult part is to design a good planning with reasonal design then not waste room within small space. “Let the cloth wadrobe match your clothing”. It is for most consumers but which cannot be sustainable oftenly. Trousers hanger, tie box and accessories drawers, it is easier to store and find, bjut if you don’t have a good habit to put them well, it will be easier to make you several clean drawers.

4 Key Points for Tailor-made furniture

3.Big panel furniture: Tailor-made product has “Standard”

Tailor-made ranges: Book shelves, TV shelves, Bood desk and cabinet in front of bed etc..

Different kinds of designs, colourful paint with reasonal prices. Although they may exist some issues for enviorment control, big panel furniture is suitable for majority consumers, which is easier to find out and more transparents during tailor-made categories. However, it will brings some issues like weight support, safety and practicalcity, there will be some standard and limit for non-standard big panel furniture, then you are not able to creat personal design. For example, you have to use 18mm thick board as cabinet frames, then every 50cm there should be support, while 25cm thick panel that every 80cm will need a support, which is to ensure that cabinet can support weight within standard, also avoid twisting in future. However, this kind of tighterthe cut-off also affect the cabinet’s looking.

4.Steel and wood furniture: Flexible that can be KD for over dozens of times

Tailor-made ranges: Book Shelves, Clothing Cabinet and TV cabinet

It is mainly made of steel frame with different panel of colour and patterns. This kind of steel & wood furniture can creat transparency to visual also save some space. Then it can be KD or reassemble based on different needs of different stages, or based on new home’s real space situation, which is more suitable for small house. This kind of tailor-made is later than panel frniture, which is more stable structure and stronger design feel. More contemporary styles with more visualized views. These are five features but more expensive and fewer options to choose have limitd its growth.

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